Swartz Manufacturing, Inc. - Elyria, Ohio


Our Processes

Swartz Mfg. specializes in secondary machining for fastener manufactures and distributors. We are a full service production job shop. In addition to our secondary market we also offer machined components, they are as follows:

Special Fasteners
Stand Outs
Clevis Pins
Stack Studs
Weld Studs
Tapped Weld Studs
Plate work
Eccentric Bearing Studs

Machined materials 316, 304, 303 Stainless, Haynes Alloys, 330 Stainless, 17-4, Monel, Silicone Bronze, Copper, Amphinal, 12L14, Low Carbon Steels, Aluminum, PVC, UHMW, Delrin, Phenolic.

CNC Turning, CNC Brother Drill and Tap, Screw Machines, Chuckers, Auto Saw, Assembly Turning capacity 2" round, 1 1/2 square and 1 5/8 hex. Milling Capacity 3" X 3".

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CNC Milling CNC Turning Screw Machining Products Machining (General)
CNC Milling CNC Turning Screw Maching Products Machining (General)
Fittings / JIC (Stainless Steel) Grooving / Pointing / Shaving Tapping Broaching (Rotary)
Fittings/JIC (Stainless Steel) Grooving / Pointing / Shaving Tapping Broaching (Rotary)
Cutoff & Chamfer Drilling (High Volume)
Cutoff & Chamfer Drilling (High Volume)


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